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Why Thermal Oil Heating Becomes More And More Used
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  • The reason why thermal oil heating becomes more and more used, are mainly related to these features and arguments:

    High temperatures up to above 300°C - at atmospheric pressure

    Choice-free set-points of the outgoing thermal fluid temperature

    Supreme part-load operations without compromising heating quality

    No equipment for pre-treatment, no chemicals, no additives etc.

    No heat loss due to hot condensate and flash steam

    No risk of corrosion in the boilers, nor the piping of the circuit

    Both cooling below 0°C and above 100°C using low-temperature fluid

    Low maintenance costs (no dynamic influences causing leakages)

    Quiet in operation (no steam stroke and flash steam noise)

    Easy to operate (does not require boiler certified staff etc.)

    Fluid sample analyzing that determine the condition of the system

    No risk of freezing damages in cold regions.

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