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calcination furnace
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  •       RX series calcinator is mainly used for cleaning purposes for the spinning process of the burning method of chemical fiber industry, and also for work-piece tempering, quenching and tempering treatment purposes with the temperature below 600 ℃.
          The high-temperature calcinator shell is made of structural steel and steel plate. The inner wall of the workshop is made of heat-resistant steel plate or heat-resistant stainless steel. Between the shell and the workshop are filled with high quality aluminum silicate insulation. The stainless steel "U" type electric heating pipe is installed on both side of inner wall of the calcinator.The top is equipped with adjustable exhaust port.the work-piece shelf is available according to your needs.
          We provide components dismantling table, assembly table, and hydraulic for your choice. It can be designed and manufactured if special requirements.

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