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TEG Cleaning Furnace
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  •     TEG is a kind colorless transparent neutral oil liquid. When being heated to280'C or so.  it has alcoholysis and dissolution to PET. TEG washing oven makes use of this characteristic. and work piece covered with PET filth is put in the cleaning tank with TEG solution and is heated to boiling, which achieves the goal of cleanup.
        Teg washing oven. water washing tank. alkali &water washing tank. acid &water washing tank. acid-alkali neutralization tank. ultrasonic washing machine, bubble instrument. tray drying oven. filter core turnover shelf. filter pre-heater.
        Teg washing→water  washing→alkali  &water  washing→ acid  &water  washing→ultrasonic washing →bubble test -tray drying→ assembly  preheating

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