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hydrosis furnace
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  •       Hydrolysis washing oven can be operated easily and it doesn't make any pollution. It is used to wash parts such as precise spinneret. filter. metering pump. etc and especially filter core for polyester and filter of BOPET or BOPA production process. In comparison with peg washing oven. it is of good washing effect and low cost. When washing micro porous (15 u m) .  hydrolysis  washing oven  is  much  better.

          Working principle:  First. heat steam to 350℃ or  so. and then pump the over-hot steam  into working chamber of the washing oven. Because of steam of high temperature. lots of polymer is heated. After that. On the  hand. fluidity of the polymer becomes better and much polymer flows to the collection tank at the bottom of the washing oven; on the other hand. the little remaining polymer conducts hydrolytic action when touching high temperature steam and turns to produce smaller and smaIler  molecular  chain  until  up  to  condition  of  steam.   These  gases  is  exhausted  outside  the  oven  with  steam  and  condensed in a proper radiator (mixture of condensation product and cooling fluid should be treated properly).
          Time needed during hydrolysis process depends on weight of polymer ready to be washed. complex degree of parts to be washed and contact degree of polymer  surface.  For  example.  polyester  filter  core  need to be washed for  6-8 hours.

          After being completely hydrolyzed. the following procedure is alkali & water washing. high pressure water washing and ultrasonic washing to remove titanium dioxide in the filter core. At last, after passing the bubble test.  it can be used.

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