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vacuum cleaning furnace
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  • Working principle:
    Vacuum cleaning furnace under vacuum conditions, using the principle of the melting or thermal decomposition of organic pollutants gently removed from the heat-resistant metal parts.

    Cleaning time: 8-30 hours.

    Heating and melting:
    ■ slowly heated under vacuum conditions■ adjustable heating temperature curve for unified heat transfer
    ■ molten polymer melt flows into the cold trap
    ■ Heating triggers the thermal decomposition process of organic pollutants

    ■ Special control sensor protects parts and molds from high temperature damage.

    ■ Adjustable processing temperature up to 450℃(490℃ according to customers’ requirement for special applications)

    ■ The whole process runs under vacuum condition, to prevent any exothermic reaction.


    ■ Process control and automatic conversion from pyrolysis to oxidation

    ■ At a reduced vacuum, the oxidation of the remaining crystalline carbon residue

    ■ At the end of the process, after adjusting & cooling, the process chamber may be opened, or do uninstalling program immediately.

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