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thermal oil heater
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  •     Conduction oil electric heater is a new and safe special industrial furnace providing high-temperature heating energy efficiently under low pressure (normal or lower). It is electric-powered and adopts conduction oil as the heater carrier. The heater utilizes circulating pump to realize reheating the oil after heating the equipment. Recycling like that, the continuous energy transmission is achieved to heat up the heated object until the heat technical requirement is met.

        It is widely used in industries like petroleum, chemical engineering, electronics, textile, dyeing, food, plastic, film, synthetic fiber, etc.    It is able to gain the higher temperature (≤350℃℃) under a lower running pressure (<0.5MPa). When oil temperature is 350℃,the running pressure id just one thirtieth of water vapor saturation pressure and the heat efficiency is up to more than 95%. Moreover, it heats up stably and does accurate temperature adjustment (temperature control accuracy ±1℃). Electric heating conduction oil furnace owns alarming functions for overheat, low oil level, and overpressure. At the same time, safety measures like dry-heating prevention and anti-explosion are applied.

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