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bend and flaring furnace
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  •     Bent pipe, flaring heating equipment
        Currently, the mainstream plastic bent pipe, flaring heating equipment is mainly used in hair dryer or heat flamethrower. Both heating methods have the following defects:
        1. poor temperature control. Not well controlled as to if the temperature fits fot pipe bending.
        2. heat loss of hot air is heavy. That causes waste of energy and the environment pollution.
        3. the plastic surface is easy to burn out, but it still did not reach bending temperature for inside pipe.

        4. uneven temperature,  negtive effective on its quality after bending due to surface contamination.

        Based on these defective factors, Tongya Electric Heating has specially designed a flaring heating equipment with bent pipe.Because infrared radiation heating is directive and temperature-controllable, the hot air heating and spitfire disadvantages are completely overcomed. Hence it enjoys great popularity in our customers.

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