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cast copper heater
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  • Application:
    It is mainly applied to heating the plastic injection molding machine, extrusion machine and blowing machine. Meantime, it also can be used to heat reaction kettle, melt pipe, etc in chemical industry.
    The electric heating tube is adopted with its heating strip casted inside the metal material such as aluminum or copper and isolated from the air. The heating body is tough and durable, which heats evenly and exchanges heat very fast. Cooling water or air duct could be set up inside the heating body for option. In particular environment, we use anti-explosion junction box. If thermal preservation is needed, we shall add insulation layer.
    Technical parameter:

    The working temperature and the power density of cast aluminum are respectively up to 350℃℃ and 3.5W/cm2. These of cast copper are 650℃℃ and 8W/cm2.

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