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infrared heater
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  • Thermal Control Solution
    Revolutionary Radiant Heat Thermal Management for Injection Molding, Blow Molding, and Extrusion Barrels

    TIR elements employ light gauge heating wire to reduce thermal mass. Our proprietary element design and insulation provide greater radiant energy transfer and longer life. TIR elements reach operating temperature faster, and cool down in less time than conventional elements. The supply voltage can be tailored to existing low voltage through full line voltage. Maximum operating temperature is 1150℃。TIR infrared heater successfully helps our customers out when they try to control the temperature of charge pipe of extruding machine or injection molding machine. We lead the world in the field of plastic machine heating and cooling...

    Up to 70% Energy Savings
    No Burns or Safety Issues
    Uniform Heating
    High Radiant Energy
    30 to 50% Faster Heat Up Time
    Long Heater Life
    Tighter Temperature Control
    No Maintenance of Water Cooled Systems
    Faster Cooling Response Time
    High Temperature Capability

    Simple to Install And Remove

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