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ceramic band heater
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  •       Application:
          It is mainly applied to heating the plastic injection molding machine, extruding machine and blowing machine. Meantime, it also can be used to heat reaction kettle, melt pipe, etc in chemical industry.

          Ni80Cr20 resistance wire is inserted into ceramic inner hole. The whole heating body is soft & mouldable, energy-saving and durable. Furthermore, it is heated up quickly and evenly. The metal shell is made of stainless steel plate or galvanized steel plate.

          Technical Parameter:
          The working temperature can be up to 760℃  and the power density 8w/cm2. The minimum diameter of ceramic heating ring is 40mm.
    When the diameter is larger than 600mm, the ring, clamped by pressure spring, should be separated int0 2-8 segmental arc to be heated. On the other hand, the minimum width of the heater is 18mm and the maximum width of that should not be more than 500mm, increasing by 7.5mm (1 8,25.5,33,40.5,48mm...). The thickness of the heating body is 12mm. If adding thermal insulation layer, the thickness of the heating body increases accordingly. Please take installation space into consideration.

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