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mineral insulated heater
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          Mineral insulation heater is a high-performance heater, which adopts pure MgO, better heat-conducting property than traditional mica and ceramic, as insulation material. A thin and dense layer of nanometer MgO is filled between electric heating wire and metal sheath so that the heat energy of the heating wire will be transmitted very quickly to the heated object, bringing down the heating wire’s temperature and enhancing the heater’s working life greatly. On the other hand, the working temperature can be up to 760℃℃. Hence, the mineral insulation heater is better to meet modern plastic production craft.

          1. It is applicable to various heating systems for plastic, chemical engineering and food machinery.
          2. The working temperature can be up to 760℃ and the permitted molten resins are PEEK, PTFE, PEI and nylon resin.
          3. Higher power density (check the maximum power curve chart)
              Up to 100W/Sq.In(15.5W/cm2) with the heating barrel’s strip heater of major diameter.
              Up to 193W/Sq.In(30W/cm2) with the nozzle heating coil of minor diameter.
          4. Outstanding heat conducting capacity, eliminating thermal lag and temperature overshoot.
          5. With stainless steel sheath to prevent from pollution.
          6. Heating evenly and stably, having a longer life time.

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