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  •       With the field of plastic extrusion and the continuous development of the various types of technology, the growing demand for the heating / cooling system. Through the system to adjust the temperature, can be excluded during the extrusion process difficult to control the frictional heat. Improve the quality of the molding of the material (especially when dealing with PVC material), extruders, injection molding machines and blow molding machines tube state-of-the-art heating / cooling system.
          Structure:The heating / cooling system by the cooling unit and the heating unit.
          Cooling unit: by cooling air cover, blower and a variety of radiator. Cooling hood and blowers can be removed, and easy to install.
          1.the cooling fan cover is made of stainless steel or aluminized steel production, with a cooling fan connector to optimize the airflow wind guide piece, the exhaust port and the junction box, attractive appearance.
          2.the cooling fan.
          3.Radiator: According to the cooling requirements can choose copper plate heat sink, aluminum heat sink, ceramic heat sink, the outer duct cast aluminum, inner duct cast aluminum and liquid-cooled aluminum.
          Second, the heating unit: electric heating, the heating element can be used mica heater, ceramic heater, cast aluminum heater or copper heater.
          We can design according to the customer needs heating and cooling power ratio of the area of heating and cooling.

          We have been able to provide single-phase power supply, can also provide three-phase power supply heater and fan.

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